Electric Bike


These are everywhere. I’d like one, but not to drive here. The traffic’s far to unpredictable.


5 thoughts on “Electric Bike

    1. Cabs are cheap, but deadly in their own way. Some drivers are rather anti-foreigner. I realize cab drivers the world over can take advantage of their riders. So I walk or take the bus most often.


      1. I’ve found cab drivers to have different driving styles and attitudes in different cities. I dont find most drivers anti-foreigner – of all the cabs I’ve taken over the years there have been a small percentage who have tried to rip me off – like the lady cab driver last week who decided she could go out of her way to pull into a petrol station to add fuel on the way. i told her off before she even turned and she got the suprise of her life! Mostly I find cab drivers pretty affable though.

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