February Theme Day: Tired

At the Shandong Art Museum, Jinan

February’s theme is tired. This woman looks exhausted. I wonder what life’s thrown at her to drain her so. She looks shindoi, which is a Japanese word for tired, body and soul.

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Theme Day: Photo of the Year


The January tradition for City Daily Photo is for bloggers to share their favorite photo of the previous year. I knew immediately it would be these cuties, whom I saw at the ancient village of Zhujiayu.

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Theme Day: Gift


It’s fitting that December’s theme is gift. Here’s a scroll one of my classes gave me. One of the students, whom the others thought was the best calligrapher made it.

I’m posting this online to get a translation. I’ll update this when I get it. I do believe it’s a positive

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CDP Theme Day: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Jammin’ in the park

This month’s City Daily Photo Theme is “Rock ‘n’ Roll. I’ve chosen a musical photo that’s very Chinese, though far from Chuck Berry et al’s genre.

FYI – the two men are playing a traditional instrument called an er hu.

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