CDP January Theme Day

red blanket25
Maybe I’ve been working too hard

According to tradition, City Daily Photo’s January Theme Day invites bloggers to post their favorite photo of the previous year.

I chose this painting because who doesn’t feel like this woman sometimes.

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Best wishes for the New Year.

CDP Theme Day: December


At Shandong Art Museum, Jinan

This month’s theme for City Daily Photo is rainbows.

You’ll never see a real rainbow through all the pollution in Jinan, but these rainbow hedgehogs fit the theme.

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CDP Theme Day: Red

Candied hawthorns

At the start of each month, City Daily Photo (CDP) challenges its bloggers to post photos based on a theme. The September theme is red so I’m sharing a photo of candied hawthorns, which offer a nice mix of sweet and tart. They’re everywhere in China. Try them.

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