CDP Theme Day: Rock ‘n’ Roll

Jammin’ in the park

This month’s City Daily Photo Theme is “Rock ‘n’ Roll. I’ve chosen a musical photo that’s very Chinese, though far from Chuck Berry et al’s genre.

FYI – the two men are playing a traditional instrument called an er hu.

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mobikes downtown

A cool new idea has reached Jinan. It’s Mobikes, bikes you can rent for 1 yuan per half hour. Unlike similar bike services in the US, the bikes are very cheap and you can leave them anywhere and pick them up anywhere. You need to pay 200 rmb ($29 approx.) to get the app needed. Once you’ve paid that, it’s just 15¢ for 30 minutes. The bikes are new and you don’t really need to own your own bike anymore.

Theme Day: Coffee House


This month’s theme is “Coffee House,” one of my favourite places in the world. Wherever I am I like to find a cosy coffee shop to sit, sip, write and possibly eavesdrop.

I had been loyal to Seattle’s Best Coffee, but Starbucks drove them away. In time I developed a liking for Starbucks in Asia, but lately they’ve been replaced by Maan Coffee, Waffles and Toast, a newcomer to Jinan. I love the lighting and decor. The waffles are a nice treat and the drinks are pretty good, though I concede that Starbucks offers coffee better coffee drinks.

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