Armani Trunk Show

Quite comically, I got roped into seeing an Armani Truck show at a high end shopping center in Jinan.

I’d been doing some grading at a Starbucks and when I was leaving the shopping center I heard some music. I followed it and found a live quartet outside Armani’s. The store manager saw me and despite my Walmart shopping bag invited me to see a fashion show starting at two. I killed twenty minutes walking around and window shopping at stores I certainly can’t afford, well, I can’t if I don’t want to be destitute.

At two I returned and was ushered to a good seat amongst the beau monde of Jinan, people extremely well dressed whom I never see walking around the city, and served the drink of my choice, i.e. water. The fashions were typical Armani with beautiful lines and fabric. Even though it was all in Mandarin, I could enjoy the spectacle.

There’s always a surprise in China.